In 1857 Mr. William Dansey purchased and lived on the sheep and cattle station which later became Campbell Park Estate.  He had the first house built in 1861 and “Dansey’s Hut” still remains on the estate today.

William sold the property in 1861 to the Hon Robert Campbell, the son of a wealthy Scottish family with business interests in England and Australia. Robert then brought a large workforce of Scottish Craftsmen and material from Scotland and Italy and built  “The Castle” and stables in 1876.


In 1908 the Estate was sold to the New Zealand Education Board, who used it as a school up until 1987. The school was closed and in 1988 the Estate passed into private ownership. The Estate helped shape the future of thousands of young men, during which time the property was extensively developed into the beautiful and expansive complex that it is today. O


ver the years, Campbell Park Estate has increasingly played host to many different events, offering an unparalleled mix of beauty and utility.

The History

Campbell Park Estate registered in New Zealand as Campbell Park Estate